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buy mustang online


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could i have advice for finding fender mustangs on the internet.

i dont want fender.com or ebay

Stick around. This is a good place to find folks who really know their axes and often have some for sale.

You'll find a decent Mustang at a fair price.

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If you want to buy new, try Sweetwater. They often will match prices, you get free shipping, an inspection before shipping, and a free 2-year warranty regardless of what the manufacturer warranty is. It's where I buy new gear and they've always taken care of me.


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Craigslist.org or gbase.com

I saw a mustang exactly like your avatar yesterday on ebay and fell in love with it.


The 65 in that link is 2500. Is 900 really bad for that 78? I thought it wasn't bad but i am no expert.

You can try Chris guitars in new york. He never has many mustangs or jags but he has everything else.


I like guitar center only because you can really play the guitar for a good while before you buy it and they don't usually say anything. I hate buying sight unseen and pictures are deceiving.

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