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Fender Jaguar Thin Skin

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hello guys

i am looking for a jaguar in fiesta red,as far now i found only the reisue called ''thin skin'' for 1.500 us dollars and one in england for 1.500 euros.

is this prices over priced?

where i can find a jaguar in this color?

i know for some years crafted in japan models has a pristina red colour similar to fiesta red...is that true?

its hard to find this colour in jaguar with matching headstock

if someone knows about prices or places i can found a jaguar in this colour i would pleased to hear...

thank you for your time

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where are you located? if you live in the US it won't be hard at all.

Im under the impression that the the thin skin jags are US made if they are I think that $1500 is a good price but you might be able to find a cheaper one. it all depends where you live and how much you are willing to pay for shipping.

as for the matching headstock as far as i know they never made fiesta with a matching headstock, but they did make them in Cand apple red(red sparkle).

but just for the record i think it looks even cool than fiesta


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If you can get the US Vintage reissue "thin skin" for $1500 that's a good price. The regular USA Vintage Reissue 62' goes for $1500-$1900 around here in NY.

I saw a site that has the thin skins for $1500 in coral, red, surf green, and gold (maybe another color). I wish they did sunburst in a "thin skin". The USA Vintage 62' has the nitro coat on the body but I believe it's covering a poly coat. Kinda stupid, isn't it? The neck is just nitro coated and the body has a spray over of nirto OVER the poly. Would be more authentic (and aid sound) if they were all made "thin skinned".

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