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So, i'm new to the clan but i have the inclination to make demo's... i hope the other guys add theirs (or pictures)!

I bought this Burns Cobra after years of curiosity, as much with the Tri-Sonics as the brand itself. At £175 new with a Burns padded gig bag i went for it, who would'nt?

A little about the guitar, it is a budget guitar make no mistake.. but a good one. It sits alongside Squier's best as far as quality goes, but them pickups are really something else. Think Strat/P90 crossover, and with the SEVEN tonal options on this guitar it makes it a very diverse piece of kit especially for clean players. The Tri-Sonics also handle distortion well, you can get anything from Johnny Thunders crunch to.... erm, Brian May, depending on your rig.

The guitar looks great irl, when i unpackaged it there was an instant wow factor.. Mint guard/knobs/trem tip against Guards Red which resembles Fender Coral? Pink, the tuners and trem have 'Burns' stamped on them as does the guard with 'Burns London' for all to see. Dunno if its because i'm a Brit but despite the fact this was made in China the whole thing gives me a bonar.

Playability it was okay out of the box, i've tweaked the truss, shimmed the neck etc but i am fussy with that stuff. You can get these playing nice, for the money of course, it is great but by no means a match for your £1,000 Fender or Gibson.

Bottom line: Burns Cobra, at sub £200 it is an ACE guitar!! Sound is as good as most stuff 9/10, playability above average 7/10, looks great 10/10.

I hope this makes the MBV fans in the house happy...

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