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got a mustang copy


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I`m in Lima, Peru right now and scored this off libremercado

330 soles is about 120$

can`t find musch info on this, it`s made by Tompson in the 1980s MIJ

and the tunders aren`t so great.

any other info you guys have would be awesome.

i`ll post more pics when I get it

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Gotta be worth a shot at $120!!

The tuners look like the old pre Ibanez type, stuff from that era is always a gamble. At some point Japanese guitar manufacture went from very average to first class, seeing as this is a 80s model lets hope it falls into the later category :smile:

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That Looks Awesome! buuuuyyyy it!

i can always put new tuners on it.

might change the pickups, or put in a 3rd pickups to get more strat tones.

i hope the switches go out of phase too.

i havent had a guitar since May this year, and wanted something cheap, but more charactor than your average strat copy. i`m sure i found it.

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Dude. WTF are you doing in Peru anyway? Please tell..... :P

my wife and i split up in australia, so i went to canada and saved $ for 3 months.

not sure what i wanna do with myself now that i`m a free man, so i came to a cheap country to sit on my butt and think about what i can do with my life.

good cheap living here! i have a huge apartment for 300$ a month, the food is awesome here, girls are very cute.

i left all my music gear in oz. who knows if i`ll get it back.


anyways, i got the guitar today, it`s a pretty decent copy!

very playable, light body, nice neck. i have no amp, so i cant say much about the pickups. if they suck, i can throw in something else. but i`m sure this is MIJ and should be fine. the pickups are a little wider than strat pickups. the switches are just on/off...no phase :(

the tuners are quite oldskool, but have been holding up so far.

pix soon

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