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proud owner of a sidejack baritone dlx (the one with the jazzmasterlike trem)

got it with hardcase for less than 500 euros. i absolutely love it!!!

other excellent choices would be

stormbird (400 euros)

classic 6 (450 euros)

p-90 special (400 euros)

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I don't know names, but I would lean toward one of those Mosrite knockoffs (quite possibly the J Ramone).

For under $500 bucks new ? I would have to say the Twin Tone . The Hi Flyer is great as well . I have a white tail stop . Only drawback with it I think is the pickups . And since they are Mosrite size replacements tend to be pretty pricy . It's hard to justify $300 pickups in a $400 guitar at times . GFS makes a mini humbucker in the Mosrite size but never tried it .

I did play a Twintone before and for a twin humbucker guitar it's pretty versatile and for $500 is a pretty cool axe .

The Hi Flyer is great for the money too . Very pretty guitar but expect to put some money aside for a good set up . Mine was pretty rough but after a set up it was pretty nice . The M-90 pickups are hot and bright . Sounds and plays a lot like a higher end Epiphone . I enjoy mine .

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