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Smilling Bull guitar

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Well....I'm glad you see it that way....alot of folks on the WWW are not so practicle about hearing the truth from others....my hat's off to you....

Steve L.

cypress, TX

Just me I guess? haha, I really thought it was such a weird looking guitar that it might start some sort of conversation on the forum. Just for fun, not like I made it or was thinking of buying it.

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I think a better picture might have helped too....the one you posted was not very flattering....smiles.

Did you see my newest purchase...? I have not received it yet, it's still in transport....funds got help up in PayPal...my fault not theirs.....


Steve L

Cypress, TX

ahh yes the squier 51 quite respectable

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Okay, so I'm mostly kidding. It's not like it's vintage Gibson or anything. Now THAT'S organ pawning territory. I mean, do you really need your kidneys? And I'm fairly certain I could ditch my liver and a coffee filter would work just as well.

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I was looking up different guitars when I stumbled upon this little guy. attp://www.thealternativeguitarandamplifiercompany.com/graphics/smiling_bull_ad.jpg

What do you think? I thought it was pretty cool looking, didn't bother to look up specs though.

Who makes this guitar? Where on the internet did you find it?

BTW, that Squire's very nice!

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It looks like a Lame Burns, Im not a fan give me the real deal any day of the week.


That thing is speaking to me while i have been coming look at it. It says something to the effect of if iggy pop could have been a guitar he would be me. It is rude yet sexy and would scare all my other guitars away. I want it bad. Really really really bad. I think anything would sound good coming out of that. It's like ...i'm at a loss for words. I'm all giddy and nervous. I may have a guitar crush. Tony Iommi should have played that. That looks like it would whoop a sg's ass in a street fight. I'm going look for one now.

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