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Daisy Chains

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I recently bought a daisy chain lead for my effects and it's not working!

It's meant to power six different pedals but it powers nothing. I'm using a 9v transformer, could that be the problem?

Do I need to use a higher voltage, friends?

I'd like to list my pedals, but they're mostly ####e, except for the original 1970s EH Small Stone oh yeah!

Thanks again, noble Fender weirdoes

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Try one pedal at a time. I,d be a bit suspicious of the 1970,s Smallstone. Ive got one (Series 2 old style decal) and it pulled down my Gator & Maxon power supplies. It just seemed to not get along with the other pedals. The only way I could use it was with an electro harmonix supply separate from the rest. I think that you can buy isolating adaptors somewhere for EH Pedals. In any case you should be a bit wary of using a daisy chain. Spend up & get a good supply with individual outlets for each pedal. Ive done the daisy thing & when I changed to a regulated supply with individual outputs(up to 8)the sound improved noticeably.

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