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Noob Help?

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So basically Ive been having trouble with my bridge (hasn't everyone?). My high e string and low e string dont make any noise past the 8th fret.

I had my guitar recently set-up and the chap told me all I need to do is to use an Alan Key in the whole at each side of the bridge if this problem happens again, infact the dude even done it right infront of me and all he did was turn the Alan Key three times and bingo!

But Ive been doing this for a while now, and all that seems to have happened is that the bridge has become low as possible to the body of the guitar. Is there a certain way I should be turning the Alan Key? A certain number of turns required to ensure every strings rings out correctly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as ive had so many problems with my bridge and its really getting to me; which is a shame because I adore my Jaguar!

Thank you.

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