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Mustang...what a great guitar!


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Just got to praise the Mustang!

Got mine two years ago when I was just beginning to play electric guitar and have loved it from the moment I tried it out in the shop. Since that time I've practiced nearly every night and have been inspired to get four more guitars:

:rolleyes: 2007 Samick EVH Wolfgang knockoff, FB2;

:smile: 2001 Samick Jazzmaster knockoff, JB20

:razz: 1997 Gibson BluesHawk in Cherry

:-cool 1998 Gibson BluesHawk in Ebony

Very cool guitars and glad I have em. Each time I brought a new one home, the old Mustang would sit in its case for many months. But each time I went back to my Mustang, I was simply amazed at how good it is. And tonight, the same thing...

The neck is so smooth and the action is so good; the body size, shape and weight are so comfortable; the pickups and phase switches give such range and high-E power...some people think these pups are "weak"...?

I fell in love with my Mustang again tonight!

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