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Duo Sonic vs. Musicmaster

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Does anyone have any idea why there are so few Duo Sonics for sale on eBay while there are a ton of Musicmasters? Isn't a Duo Sonic the same thing as a Musicmaster but with an extra pickup? And am I mistaken, or do the musicmasters seem to be priced higher on average than the Duo Sonics? Why would that be the case?

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Vintage Duo-Sonics usually sell for about twice as much as vintage Music Masters of equivalent year. Yes they're the same aside from the pickup and Mustang switches. Music Masters were even routed and shielded the same as the Duo-Sonics into the mid 70s. There are less Duos on eBay because there were less made.

If you're talking about the 90s Squier Music Masters vs the 90s Fender and Squier Duo-Sonic reissues or the newer Squier Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic the reason that the MMs sell for more is that they were made in Japan as part of the Squier Vista Series and are higher quality than the Duo-Sonic reissues. The Squier MMs are scarce though, there are way more Duo reissues kicking about.

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