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Hand Made Stompboxes

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Good morning everybody, I was browsing the internet for guitar things (like everyday :D)

and I came across BYOC Pedals, which stands for Build Your Own Clones. It supplies kits to

build your own clones of discontinued pedals that are legendary and would fetch for upwards of

$1000 if you wanted to own one (for a pedal!). I think it would be cool to build my own pedal,

although I was iffy because I'm not real great at that type of #### but for that attitude there

is also a company that sells the EXACT SAME kits Pre-Built so you can buy them already professionally

assembled! I'll post all of the links in here somewhere. The pedal I was interested in getting was the

clone of a late '60's Univox Super Fuzz. This was known by me as being used by the band Mudhoney on

their Super Fuzz Big Muff EP (They named the EP after this pedal and the EH Big Muff Pi pedal!) However,

apparently it was also heavily used by Pete Townshend of The Who, most famously at the "Live At Leeds"

show. They also sell a Marshall Shredmaster clone pedal for fans of 80's metal, and even a Marshall Bluesbreaker.

Here is a link to the original Univox Super Fuzz for reference:

And here is a link to the BYOC Pedals Univox Super Fuzz clone for comparison:

(It's the first pedal obviously, they call it the Leeds Fuzz or something)

I think it sounds awesome, so if you guys are interested, here's a link to the BYOC Pedals website, and the

company that actually sells pre-built ones.


Prebuilt BYOC's

P.S. - In the video of the BYOC clone of the Univox Super Fuzz, the BYOC Chorus at the end of the video sounds


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