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I'm about to refinish my Mustang.

Only 1 dilemma left:

Should I go for nitrocellulose or a poly finish?

(I know nitro is a little softer and less shiny then the poly but that's it)

I don't know how it'll go with the basswood and the looks of the mustang in general...

Any experiences/tips?

Thanks to all :)

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Depends a bit on what sort of mustang.

Generally Speaking.

Vintage = Nitro

Modern = Poly / Nitro

Poly = Hard wearing. If you like a guitar that shines up niceley, even after a bit of neglect & withstands player wear & bumps. Most Likely favours the high end a bit more for a spankier sound.

Nitro = If you are using good quality timbers, as it lets the body(Timbre) shine through(breathe).If You like a guitar that will bump, scratch & show player wear, tells a story, a bit like the reliced models.

No real rules, but it might look bit odd to have a Poly finish on a Vintage project.

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