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bah no, i removed the ''metal plate'' to take a look, and the springs are in good condition, theres a lot of tension.

i even wonder if theres too much tension on the metal plate, after all only a couple of screws are holding it on the body of the guitar.

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Or what you might have to do is, lossen the strings, pull the plate, unhook the springs from the poles, lower the with them with your fingers, rehook the springs, i think there is two slots in which the spring could go, use the lowest setting if not already there, the tailpiece the should have alot on tention on it, holding it in place leaning towards the back of the plate, reassemble, restring/tune. The tailpice should only raise a little, I have all mine slightly leaning back on all my Stangs. And this is the procedure i did to ajust it.

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ok look


so where should i set the springs ? in the middle ? or in the lowest position ?

also, it doesnt seem easy to unhook the springs, they are quiet rigid

edit: actually, the position of the springs is not the problem. i removed the plate on my jag-stang also, and it is set the same way.

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