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Blacktop Jag: Why so cheap?

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probalby lower quality everything...wood, pickups andquality control. although i do think the CP is slightly overpriced. its great but i think there are fenders which still good at a slightly lower price

i have the CP (singles though) and it rocks. however i have tried a blacktop tele and it is good as well

try them out

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So I'm deciding between te Classic Player Jag HH and the Blacktop Jag HH. I don't really need all the different tone options in the Classic Player. Besides having less electronics, is there any other reason the Blacktop costs $200 less?

I would echo trying them out first. I love my blacktop Jazzmaster, but the first one I played sounded like garbage. Gotta find the good one verses the ok ones.

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Yeah. I hate the idea of buying a guitar without trying it, but I'm living in Korea right now so that's a little hard. Wish I could run out to a Guitar Center or Sam Ash right now to try out a few.

Depending on store's return policy, you could alway buy one and if you don't like it, send it back. As far as the sound of the blacktop, I think it is really cool. One of my Gibson fans (typically plays semi-hollows, Les Pauls, and some teles) liked it. He said the neck pickup sounded a lot like one of his guitars with P90's and he liked the contrast of the humbucker in the bridge.

The CP is cool if you would use the rhythm/lead switch, but I don't think I would. I have a Jaguar. I like the switch, but I don't know that I miss it on the Jazzmaster. The build quality on my Blacktop is great. Frets are smooth, the body is nicely made, switches work without static or noise, and the grub screws seem to be staying in place fine. Only thing I changed was I added straplocks. (But again, the first one I saw was trash, so there is a range.)

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