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Yes, probably have been asked before. . .

i have a full sized JB in my jag and a single Jb Jr, in my mustang.

when played with distortion they sound almost the same, but when played clean theres a really big difference, in fact the JB sound awsome clean and the jb. Jr. sound disgusting clean, the jb. jr. have no tone, no sound, its like totally unplayable clean.

so wtf, is it ''normal'' ??

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ive only heard the jr a couple of times but thats the impresion i got, i dont know why, i guess you cant have everything with a humbucker the size of a single coil...theyll have callibrated it so it sounds good with distortion. Your gonna have to live with it man...or branch out with your pickups

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http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?a ... 4A6CB6AD8E

mirror :

http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?a ... 4A2FBE0ED2

(translating what i talked in portuguese : Jag-stang recording Different between JB and JB-junior)

Bassy one guess is series , on a craapy amp like mine (Mg-30) sounds like #### .... but on descent amp ... tested on a brasilian valvs Meteoro

sounds amazing

Jaggie @ JB (series / paralell / Split )

someone record Jb junior ... let do a comparation

(obs : tired , worked all whore day , sorry per quality)

i working on solo of my sung so that's why i playng tons bends lol


now someone record Jb junior ... lets see difference

dont record on a valvs amp ... do on a craapy amp like mine

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i have a full sized jb in my jagmaster and it sounds great clean. the jb jr is in my mustang and it sounds somewhat the same clean, its a little more on the bass side. distorted they sound almost identical. you have to be very precise with your tone in order for them to sound similar. took me a long time to dial them in together.

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industrial demos on gigantic amps bling bling equipament

i wanna see on a small amp like my MG-30


I guess, but with a decent amp the differences will be clearer. I don't mean some crazyass stack, but a decent 50watt valve combo will give a much better example than a 30watt solid state combo. I know what those marshall amps are like, I'm stuck with the 80watt version myself, everything sound bland through it.

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the JB jr. in my jag sounds great clean, the full-sized JB i once had in my jagstang DID NOT.

JB Jr. sounds good clean though, in general.

Paul, how would you say the JB Jr sounds compared to the SD hot rails for heavier distorted (RAWK) sounds.

I cant seem to find specs for the outputs and all the sound samples are feeble blues licks that tell me nothing.

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i think the hotrails has a higher output. i was going to get a hotrails for my jag but they have that V baseplate and i didn't want to hack it up. i already liked JBs so when i found out about the Jr and how it didn't have the strat baseplate i went for that.

i ended up liking it more than the hotrails in my squier strat because it behaves itself, sounds more like a classic 'bucker sound to me. it is pretty good for distorted rawk which, at the time of this pickup fiasco, i favoured. i think the hotrails might be more appropriate in that department though, it's definately the heavier of the two.

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They are ALMOST the same. However the full size SH-4 JB really has a bit more bass and mids to it (hence why the full size is usually favored). However, it mostly makes a difference when clean. Using distortion, no one can tell the difference. In my opinion, get a full size, but if you do NOT want to mod your guitar with routing, then choose the JB jr.

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