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I have recently acquired a 3tbs Black top Jazz master and I am having really bad buzz and rattle on the g,b,e stings mainly the 'b' string. I have found the Buzz stop at All parts and was wondering if anyone has used this with any success. URL for the Buzz stop below. Thanks in advance for any help


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Some like them, some don,t.

I,ve never seen the need, If you can set up the bridge properly, you probably don,t need one.

Try making sure that the bridge saddles are flat/parallel to the bridge plate. Once you are happy with the adjustments, Try some blue loctite or clear nail polish(some even use wax) on all the screws including the bridge height adjustment screws. Shimming the neck pocket can also help.

If all these fail for you, then go the buzz stop or better still a Mastery Bridge(pricey though)

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I've been playing a BT Jazzmaster for a bit now and I initially had the same issue.

Try making sure that the bridge saddles are flat/parallel to the bridge plate

I did this and it seemed to fix the problem for good. I also like my action a little bit higher than the average player and actually bringing up the saddles and bridge slightly also drastically improved this problem. Since my initial set up, I've had no issues and this guitar plays and sounds unlike any other guitar I have!

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