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Sex change opertaion phaze II


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After my Stereo Jag


got stolen I bought a Fender Baritone that looked like that:


I tryed to make it into a jag but after taking all into consideration I just made it a stereo:


I added one toggle up where the Jag and Jazz has 'rhytme circuit'.

Next to it I added mini toggle (black) for coil tap for the new pick up.

There are also two new volume/tone knobs for the second channel.

everything works great BUT I havet the two channels mixed up together;

Did anybody here ever rewire a stereo guitar?

I have two outs and the problem is that there is no seperation between them.

That means I can only use a pick up for a channel at a time.

I need to have the two toggles to operate seperately one from the other.

I'll try any idea because the solution is out there :shock:

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With pleaseure.

What progrem should I use to draw a schematic?

it is wired stereo right now, but no full seperation.

There are two kind of stereo wiring, full and 'Semi'.

'Semi' means one pick up for every channel, Rickenbecker and Gibson had Semi stereo on the market.

while full stereo means total control of each pick up goes to what channel.

Noone I know of ever used full stereo in guitar. looking for him...

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here it is as simple as the basic idea is:


explanation: each pu is splitted two way to two toggles.the coil tap had made it complicated but now it is irrelavent to the problem i believe.

remember- jack is stereo so everything is working But-

When the two toggles using the same one of the pick ups, they immediately become identical. I know there's a way around this!

hope somebody here has an idea I can try.

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