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orange amps

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got a tiny terror and 12" orange cab--sweet setup, thanks for the advice (I knew I was going to get one all the while, I just wanted to hear positive feedback to reassure my saving up:))

good stuff! i just got me the jet city jca20h n matchin 1x12 cab. the orange TT was a contender, but this jet city appeared in my line of sight, very cheap, the day after some cash landed in my lap, so i had to get it really.

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I'm thinking of getting rid of my whole set up to buy a 72' Orange OR120. I'm undecided. I almost bought an 80' Hiwatt DR103 Custom 100 the other day.. I can't make up my mind. I always change my mind about amps.

Keep the sunns and save up to buy the orange as well! Or just get a Matamp clone.

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There are more floating around such as... http://www.tymguitars.com.au/?p=52

but the green amps your best bet imo.

those Lemon amps are impossible to find... the Green/Electric amps are too over priced.. to ship a 4X12 from them to Canada is outrageous... I could buy a Hiwatt DR103 from the 70's for the price. I don't understand the rage. "I'M GOING TO START A DOOM BAND, I NEED A GREEN AMP BECAUSE SLEEP USED THEM."

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anyone tried the dual terror? its basically a Tiny Terror and A Dirty terror in one, right? good clean channel as well as a good drive channel..I haven't played one but have heard good things about hem. I just got the Orange AC30 2x12 combo (used) and can't believe how amazing it sounds-especially at high volumes. I could geek out on how perfect the sound is forever but I won't, I will say that this thing will blow any comparable amp out of the water though....

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