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Hi! I have a 1969 Mustang and want to mod it in the following way:

I wish to have a new pickguard without holes for the pickup switches.

I wish for both pickups to be 'on' at all times.

I wish for the master volume knob to control ONLY the neck pickup, so that when it's down, I only hear the bridge pickup.

This is because of my preferences, I never use the neck pickup alone but sometimes use it with the bridge pickup (usually out of phase but i've no idea if that complicates my wants!!)

Is this posible?

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Well you could wire it similar to a jazz bass but with no tone,just two master volumes for each pickup.Thats how I wired my jag and it sounds great,for the bridge pickup I have a 250k and for the neck pickup I have a 500k,you can even blend in both pickups.

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What I mean is since your using two master volumes for each pickup you can use different pots on each pickup to get different tones if you wanted to.Like on my Jag for the bridge I have a 250k and for the neck I have a 500k,but you don't have to do what I did,you can use the same value pots of your choosing.

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