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Wondering what other Jaguar players out there favor as far as pickups go. I have an AVRI Jaguar, the second one I've had, and I play surf music. The problem comes when I double pick on the low-E. I get this nasty sound, almost like a chainsaw when I'm picking. I got rid of my first AVRI Jag because of that and thought it was a lemon. So, years later I get another one and I tested it in the shop and it didn't do it. I have played with it out for a few months and always used it through my Bassman amp. However, when I played it in my Showman, it did the same noise. So, I'm just going to replace the pickups this time. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a great sounding pickup with that classic Jaguar sound. I'm not into the thrasher stuff and I don't like Humbuckers. I want the clean Jaguar sound. I've had the Seymour Duncan Antiquity II pickups put in a Japanese Jazzmaster and those were great! However, Lindy Fralin, while he doesn't make Jag pickups, will re-wind these and I consider them to be the best pickup-engineers in the business. Anyone care to input their opinion? Thanks!

Matt tha Kat

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