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Hi jag-stang community,

I have recently acquired a MIJ Jaguar. The Upper horn controls are disconnected and there is a toggle switch. Instead of spending more money on plates and switches to restore the strangle option and wiring it back to original specs, I thought of an alternative way of wiring it (that I think actually makes the controls more useful), but as a newb, I have no idea if this would even work. Maybe it's even already been done. If someone could help me out, I'd be really thankful. Here's my idea:


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Thank you HNB! :grin: That helps alot! The on;y question I have is how exactly do you create the strangle effect on the switch, there is obviously a filter of some kind there in the picture but I can't make it out.

That is how the stock diagram shows it and I agree that it seems strange. This is how I did it on one of mine. Not how Fender does it, but it makes sense to me. The left and right lines are the in and out. When up it runs it though a 0.003 cap and to the out. When down it just runs though with no change.


StrangleSwitch by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

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I think your wiring scheme is probably very do-able. The nice thing about Jaguars is that they give you lots of switches and knobs to custom-wire. I had a pre-amp in mine for years, and I used the stock switches and knobs to control the pre-amp's gain range, and have two seperate and different-sounding output channels. I've recently had my guitar re-wired without the pre-amp, and I have the rhythm circuit able to "hear" whatever pickup(s) I select, and I've also got both pickups on in series (great tone!), when both pickup switches are in the "down" (formerly "off") position.

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