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Fender Releasing MIM Kurt Cobain Jaguar Replica

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fender price is a lie i just ordered mine today for 1250$

this is the price store give it so it is not 1850$

for 600$ i see i big difference

The higher price is MSRP. Stores often sell well below that. If you check out the MSRPs on the other guitars on Fender's website, you usually get it for several hundred less in guitar shops. :) That price was from the article. Guitar shops pay dealer cost so the $1850 is what Fender suggests they ask for it. They can choose to go that high or drop it a little to encourage sale. :D

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The "kurtiest" thing you guys could do is get the cheapest wornest sunburst jag you can find and then try to make the mods yourselves. No luthiers, ur selves. You'll end up with something Kurt would be proud :) even more than buying his ultra expensive mock made by Fender.

couldn't agree with you more!!

if it only would have the blond sunburst i would definitely buy it.(it doesn't look blond to me)

i just think its a modified classic player, a very awesome one!!

but this AVRI cost me just about 800 (used), i can't really see any big differences except the aging proces and the binding


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And I love you too my dear smallclone... :wub:

Great thing is : I can't play guitar but get ####loads of gear for review, and ya know what ? I'm even paid to review the gear...

In a way I am the Kurt Cobain of guitar journalism : Can't play guitar but making cash from it ! I F* love my life ! :mrgreen:

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