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Cheap mustang necks and body's!

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Hey guys I just though I should share with you what I've been up to with my latest projects.

Im building a vintage 1966 mustang. I refinished it in Daphne blue and just need to finish up the clear coat. Then rebuild it with parts off eBay lol.

I'm also building two other mustangs. I have no idea what I'm gonna do yet but was thinking a toggle switch and some cool mods. Give me som suggestions. But anyway I found a great new guitar company on ebay that are making mustang and jazzy body's that are to fender American specs and they are the same quality or better then warmoth. But it gets better. You can chose between two piece alder or two piece ash and the price is only $99.00 with FREE shipping! I just got my body today and it is absolutely beautiful and very well made and to specs. Now for the neck, I'm sure everyone knows about the new squire jaguar necks and that they are 24" scale (same as mustang) and I hope everyone knows how amazing of quality they are! Well they are only going for $99.00 as well on eBay and if you wanted to you could just sand off squire and put a fender water logo on and mustang. But you now have a mustang body and a neck for $200.00 and it fits all American fender parts and it's not just a spin on a mustang like warmth is and you can only use they're warmth pick guards.

These eBay sellers are..

Body's.. timbo81

Necks.. reliablefender

Just thought I should share this everyone and it's really nice if you want to start a mustang project! :D

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With Reliablefender, if it's not listed, he "doesn't have it". I have been buying parts off of him for years now. He is in New Hampshire, usually takes him about a week to get stuff to me here in Florida. Shipping is a little high, but good guy wiht lots of parts ready for buy it now.

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