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Hello guys!

Anybody ever tried red pealoid pickguards? I've been struggling to find a red tortoise that's really red, like some old vintage mustangs, and I'm wondering if red pearl will look cool.

This was my original inspiration:


Is that even red tort really? Do you guys thing red pearl might look like that? If that's really red tort, it's the absolutely hardest one to find, couldn't find it anywhere, only on old offsets.

I've seen so many pictures with so many different lights on tones of tortoise, I'm just looking for more opinions. Any will be highly appreciated!

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the main difference between a red pearl and a red tort is that the red perl is

all the same color. on the other hand a red tort color may varry with some spots like on the kurt mustang.

the pickguard on that mustang is a red pearl

its extremly hard to fing aleredy made pickguard that fits so find someone who

can make pickguards this way you will have what you want.

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the pickguard on that mustang is a red pearl

woa thanks, man... thanks for the insight, I thought it was a red tort, mostly for red pearl being kind of unusual.

I found these, at eBay:


Though they look kinda crispy in the pictures, I think I'd be fine with a pickguard made of that, what do you say?

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