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About to buy an AVRI JM: Tips???

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Hi. I'm picking up an AVRI JM in a few hours. I just need some pointers or things to look for to verify its authenticity. There's only two I know of which is that the serial number is found in the back plate, plus the muting system are standard on all 62 avri jm and jags. Thing is I'm looking at the bridge and the foam plate's not there. BUT, it's not a red flag just yet. Owner might have just removed the whole muting thing. What else is there to cross refrence by? PLS help! Thanks!!!

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The most obvious is the neck on the Jazzmaster. The American JM has the decal on top of the finish, where the Japanese/Mexican will have it under the finish. Secondly, the dots on the AVRI and Mexican JM are white on the top of the neck, whereas Japanese are black. Also, the tremelo system's button is flat on a Japanese trem and more rounded like the vintage trems on the AVRI. If you want to get really technical, get a set of metric and American allen wrenches. Mexican and Japanese models will have the bridges with metric sizes, while the American will have the American sized screws. Finally, I have 2 used AVRI Jazzmasters and neither of them came with the mute. That seems to be one of the things people tend to take off first, just as they did on the vintage ones.

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