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I'm a bit confused about Mustang pickguard proportions, in terms of which ones are which.

The one I have on my mustang is a black import pickguard with sheilding on the back from guitarpartsresource. I went and ordered a white pearl one to replace it, which was a USA pickguard from Allparts, it says "made in Japan" on the back. It's the wrong proportions.

I want a red Tort pickguard now, are the WD pickguards compatible with the import design?

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i was about to make a thread about this me too, cause im also confused.

the pickguard i have on my comp. mustang reissue is made by AllParts and it doesnt fit at all, the idiot who had this guitar before me even dig new screws to install the pickguard (jerk).

All i know is that a vintage mustang pickguard isnt the same as a reissue mustang pickguard. I don't want to buy a copy like warmoth or allparts cause it just doesnt fit well, i want a real one made by Fender but Fender only sell the vinatge ones i think, grrrrrrrr !!!

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Augustus_McCrae i think youre are gonna make me happy ! help me pls.

i need a white pearl pg to fit on my mustang comp, reissue.

here's is how the allparts look on mine and i hate it.


like you can see the pg doesnt fit well around the neck, the vibrato metal plate and the volume/tone metal plate. + additionals screws have been dig in the guitar to install the pg, and the volume/tone metal plate was also moved a little ( by adding a new screw ) so it result theres some space between the vibrato plate and the volume plate ( like you can see on the picture)

I'll buy one from you, if you can make one that fit like 100% correctly, and that use the original screws in the body, also i have a lace sensor in the neck and a jb jr in the bridge .... if it matters. .

EDIT : in fact this one seem pretty accurate,


but this one could be better ! !


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that was my first pickguard ever...spare materials used for a practice run to see how hard it would be.

No one can guarantee a PERFECT fit without actually having your guitar handy to check and double check for mistakes, but I *can* guarantee two things:

1. no one has ever complained about my pg's

2. it'll fit a damn sight better than the one you have now.

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