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Vintage Duo-Sonic body w/ RI neck


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Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here!

I've just recently bought 60's Duo-Sonic II body to start a project around and now thinking about getting some neck. I really like 90's Reissue 22.5" one (with maple fingerboard). Could you tell me will it fit in my body? If not - do you have some propositions, what options do I have?

Vintage Mustangs/Duo necks are expensive as hell, so I rather can't afford. Any input much appreciated:)

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I think most vintage duo-sonics and mustangs got a narrower neck heel. Try getting the measurements of the reissue necks from some websites if you can find one.

In my case it was opposite - a reissue mustang body with a vintage neck. There was a gap approx. 2mm on both sides. Shimmed the sides of the neck pocket for a tight fit.

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