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Telecaster with P-bass pickups.

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So I have a project I'm gearing up for and am looking for a specific picture. It's actually part of the inspiration for this build.

I saw the picture a while back, may have been on the offset forum. Regardless no amount of searching has turned anything up thus far. The picture is of a Telecaster guitar equipped with P-bass pickups. Seems straight forward enough :)

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Thanks for the reply HNB. Although that's a cool pickup the guitar I saw had actual P-bass pickups in it.

I want to say the guitar was white with a black guard. I believe it was set up with the strings passing between the poles on the pickup. I thought it was shown on a thread regarding the Novak 7 pole Jazzmaster pickups but I wasn't able to find it there.

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Mate, that's a Wide Range humbucker at a funny angle so the chrome looks the same colour as the pickguard.

Also I imagine a 6-string guitar with a bass pickup that only has 4 pole-pieces would sound gash. Think about it, it'd be muddier than a scat orgy at Glastonbury.

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