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Scan, copy, pic, anything of a Mustang manual needed to settle bet


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Well, I've made a bet with a guitar tech about the Mustang tailpiece and if I win I'll get a free neck. If he wins he gets free studio time from me. I'm really hoping someone could spare a moment to pass a scan, PDF, digital camera pic, anyhing officially from Fender (preferably owner's manual) that shows the bridge/tailpiece and how to string it properly. I know they thread through the front, then around the rear and below the tailpiece, then forward over the saddles. That, however, works against the design of the vibrato, as it adds string tension when you push forward to dive. Is the Mustang trem really just bad design? Was it really intended to be strung through the rear instead?

Again, I know the way everybody's been doing it, but is that really the way Fender meant to originally?

Thank you so much!

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