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Custom Jazzstang Finished Page 3


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lookin good! i thought you might put a blend knob on maybe, i think youve had one on a jagstang(?)...

whatever tho, it looks amazin. lovely colour, nice hardware choices too, as ever. good work!

Thought a blend pot, but I like the toggle and it was routed for a toggle anyways. :)

Thanks! :D

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Looks classy, man.

It can pass off as another pawnshop series.

Thanks. I had a bit of trauma. A tremolo screw broke off. I will have to drill it out and fill it. Should be ok, but I was "slightly" angry when it happened. I will likely get it all fixed Monday. Just need a neck. :)

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So I tried to drill out the screw.

Used a tiny bit to try to drill the center for a guide and then go bigger.... and the little screw broke off in the screw... Tried a bigger bit and it just wasn't working... so...

I drilled to the inside where the routing for the tremolo was so I could tap the screw out. After I did that (which was traumatic as hell) I drilled a larger hole to fill with a wooden dowel.

Going to glue in a dowel and bring it home (hopefully) tonight to see if the trem plate covers all the work or not. If it doesn't, I will have to spot paint the dowel and reclear the front of the guitar. As long as it works, I am fine with it. I want to fix it well.

Not loving it, but there is work to be done. Hopefully it will be looking much better around this time tomorrow and be ready to paint.


IMAG0684 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

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Some progress shots. Still not pretty, but I will work on that this evening after work. I am dedicated to getting this back to wonderful. :) I have the technology... I can rebuild it... faster... stronger.. :)

Taped the body for when I cut the maple dowel. I used a chisel to put the corner back in. Then I taped it again and used a block to sand it smooth on the top.


IMAG0686 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr


IMAG0690 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

I will try to polish out the cracks after I check to see how to fix the finish this evening. I will also fill in the remaining little bits with wood filler. Getting back to where I had it before the screw snapped off in the body....

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Success! The larger pilot holes made a HUGE difference. I barely had to put any effort in to screwing them down. Here are pics! If you weren't in this thread, you wouldn't even know the repair was there. :)


DSC03180 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr


DSC03179 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr


DSC03176 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr


DSC03174 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr


DSC03172 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

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