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Lefty Supersonic Project question


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I was browsing some old topics on this board last night (a lot of eye candy for sure) and it reminded me how much I love Squier Supersonics...

However, being lefty and all, I know Squier never made lefty ones (never seen any homemade ones either), and that some lefties enjoyed them since played lefty, the shape kinda looks like a jaguar's.

Anyway, I was pondering what would be the best way to start a lefty Supersonic project... Maybe a righty Squier Jagmaster would provide the basis for the body and I could just "shave" off some to have both cutaways on the same level (which would be the more difficult part of the process I think)...

What do you guys think? Another option would be to have a supersonic body made somewhere, but I have never seen any guitar part stores selling SS bodies...

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Super-Sonics are 24" scale, not 24.75". The neck pocket is unusual, yes. You would have to make the body and the neck from scratch. The bodies are small, too. Not just a flipped Jaguar.

I think that I would start with a stock 24" neck and make a body to fit. I wouldn't try to replicate the joint. Once you have the neck and the body, the parts should be easy. I wouldn't use a Strat trem.

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Finally decided to go for a bastardized guitar... and I named it the Suprasonic :rolleyes:

Probably going to start with a jagmaster or a jaguar (if I can find a body not too pricey) and go from there.

I did some mockups tonight... I haven't decided between metallic blue with white pickguard or olympic white and tortoise pickguard.

Or maybe sparkle silver with a tortoise pickguard... :P


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