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Any analog delay will get you in the ball park. There are some digital delays now that sound very analog, but have the added benefit of tap tempo and longer delay times. check out the delay section of Proguitarshop. Also, modulation in the delay is important too, so search for modulated delays. Or delays like the analogman ardx20 that have an effects loop on the delay, so you could add a modulation pedal seperately, which is awesome, as you can also put phasers, wahs, distortions and other effects in the loop!

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I can't believe how much the Deluxe Memory Man costs now. I remember when I first started playing guitar about 8 years ago, TS808s were $80, and I had the Deluxe Memory Man used off ebay for like $120. Prices on pedals keep going up and up!

Check out Joyo Pedals, they have a digital delay that's only like $40, and a chorus pedal for like $40. The two together could get you sort of in the ballpark!

T-Rex Reptile is modulated delay, about $100 cheaper than the Memory Man at $240

EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Modulated Delay $140

EHX Memory Toy, mini Deluxe Memory Man

Subdecay Echo Box

VFE Blueprint

Lovepedal Echo Baby

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I like the looks of the Way Huge Aqua-puss delay. Does anyone have experience with it? and Badmotorfinger. Come on man! I have a diverse taste in music all the way from U2 to August Burns Red.

I have a very diverse taste. U2 is a no no for me. August Burns Red? man... really? awful haha. That band has played around my area several times, I hate that whole trendy "metal core" scene, it's so repetitive and ridiculous.

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I really like August Burns Red for the guitarwork. My favorite bands are The White Stripes, Dinosaur Jr, Flyleaf, The Foo Fighters (saw them and it was the best concert!) Wolfmother, and the Dirty Heads.

Yeah, I dig Dino Jr and some Foo Fighters. Just had to throw my opinion in there, my mom used to play "The Joshua Tree" all the time, it was horrible. August Burns Red? Guitar work? weird.

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