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72 Mustang

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I'm new to jag-stang. I wanted to get others thoughts of my 72 Mustang. I have had it for a year now. I bought it with the Strat ones in it. In no way am I trying to insult anyone who loves these guitars. I want to ditch the Strat pick ups. They sound nice but I already have Strat. Any advice on pick ups would be awesome. I believe the pick ups and the pick guard aren't original. I want to make it mine. New pick ups are a must. Lindy Fralins? I dont want to put the Fender Japan Mustang reissue ones in but if they are better than I think I will listen too. Black pick up covers, tort or black pick guard? The previous owner also put different tuners on and holes remain and are in sight now the stock tuners are on, see pic

I'd love any and all input on my Mustang from people who love these instruments. Open to all ideas!



I'm new to forums too =p sorry for any noob things if i did them

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thats a tasty looking mustang youve got there! welcome aboard too btw. im pretty new to all this, and so are a few others on ere,but its a good knowledge source, so youve come to the right place.

id make a couple of cosmetic changes. id go for a brown tortoiseshell scratchplate, (tho i think black would be more 'vintage correct' - but #### that!), id stick to white/cream pickups, but if you wana change em, do it. im no pickup expert (and i dont own a mustang yet) but plenty of people put the seymour duncan quater-pound jaguar pickups (without the saw-tooth surround) in mustangs and have good things to say about them. another popular choice is lace sensors, cos they dont have visible polepieces, so look more 'vintage correct'. also, theyre pretty much noiseless, and come in a variety of sonic flavours too.

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I'd leave the looks (colors) as they are.

Very nice looking Stang

Maybe you should check out Lace Sensor pickups.

Since you already have a Strat (single coiled) you try a single sized humbucker to put in the bridge position

like for example a Seymour Duncan JB jr or something in that direction.

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Yeah, that's a sweet lookin vintage Mustang. And welcome to the Forum.

I agree with Silenus; keep the beautiful original paint. And get a tort pickguard.

About those pickups. Not original Mustang pups, so preserving vintage value is not an issue. But it's an option if you want to hunt for vintage Mustang pups. Or you can buy replica pups.

But here's the thing. Among most good single coils, the difference in tone is just not that much. Between P90s and traditional single coils, yes. But when you consider what a decent amp can do with tone; then what pedals can do; and then consider your strings, your cable, your attack, all these influence the tone you get...the various good quality single coils you can choose from just don't make that much difference.

But it is fun to experiment. And there's always placebo effect. :) So enjoy, whatever you choose to do.


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Thanks everyone! Paint would remain the same for sure. Tort pick guard seems to be the front runner and my first option as well because its not a plain jane black n white or white and white. I used to have tort on a bass that I gave my best friend and it looks sexy ;) the yellowing of the body is more and the tort & the yellowing feed off of each other in the pics Ive seen.

Besides youtube can anyone tell me the difference if there is any between the single humbucker duncan Silenus mentioned and a Strat/Stang/other single coil pups. I look forward to playing and improving to play RHCP, SRV, Nirvana, Blues & Funk guitar. Not as diverse because I do own a strat as well. thats one main reason I view the single coil strat on my mustang expendable. Cosmetically I'd want the guitar to have the true identity of a Fender Mustang so buying vintage or new replicas is still what I'm leaning towards.

I'm just discovering/entering a stage where I want to mod my stuff. I put an EMG35dc in my fleabass. Duncan Basslines on my Fender Jazz Bass, and now my mustang! Its def fun to experiment! I am still new to guitar/bass so these questions/thoughts are coming from someone getting started.

Thanks everybody I hope to have new pics up once I finish it.

Tort with cream covers? Tort with black?

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would you suggest replacing any wiring or pots if I were to put brand new modern day pick ups in it? I played the Strat and it sounds better through my Epiphone Valve Junior. Can that be from the age of the electronics/wiring?? also just a rough guess from anyone on the cost to go new on everything else? or is it a sin to go there guys?

I am digging the SD JB JR mod btw =)

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