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My finished '65 Sunburst Build

Davy D

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Bought all the pieces separately. The body was sold to me as a 64 but has no SN or dates and the neck is an actual 65, so I'm calling it a 65 ;) Its a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and a SD Hot Rails in the neck. The hardware is from Warmoth, its an adjustable bridge made to accommodate any neck radius (I originally thought either a compound Warmoth neck or a 9.5" radius neck was going on it). I can tell you that the screws that adjust bridge height are sorta crappy in that they can wear on your hand. The pots are both 500k, cap is .02. Just one 3-way selector switch also from Warmoth that chooses B/B&N/N pickup like a les paul. Dunlop strap locks. Aftermarket tuners (Schaller I think?) were on neck when I got it, as was the brass nut. It was routed for humbucker (in an amateurish fashion) when I got it, so I don't care a bit about the whole guitar looking a little bastardish, it adds mojo 8)

The tailpiece is locked w/ bolt and nut and bridge is taped to be immobilized. I'm glad I bought a vintage neck cuz there's no way a new one could feel this nice and broken it. Feels really "satin-like" on the back and the rosewood is so tight grained and smooth like ebony. Plus - the neck has a nice flame going on, I dig it!







I'm pretty happy w/ the tone I've got so far. The Dimarzio is just the output I was looking for, it lets plenty of natural tone shine through but has great harmonics and drive too. I'd say as a les paul player this guitar has the balls of les paul (not the sustain) but is much more comfortable to play, both the shorter neck and thinner/lighter body.

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Wow, that sunburst and tort work so well together with the amber of the headstock & neck...a serious beauty. Great work, Davy. Glad you're with us here.

I'm curious about two things...the '65 headstock never had string pull-downs like yours. And there were no sunburst bodies in 1964. I hope you didn't get bamboozled, mate.

Regardless, you have a fine axe. Enjoy!


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