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Sovtek Tube Midget repair

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My Jag-Stang wielding partner in crime plays through a surprisingly rare Sovtek Tube Midget MG50h head. The wooden one! It recently took a spill at the end of our set, and in the process broke the cheapo plastic input jack. I'm good with a soldering iron but have a poor track record with ordering replacement parts that are what I wanted in the first place. Can anyone shed some light on what part number I'd want to order to replace this, or what i'd need to check, multimeter style, to determine it? I've included pictures of the jack itself and a schematic I found that may or may not actually match this amp (as I hear there are a few versions of it, with no differentiating model numbers). I'm apprehensive to make a guess at what part it is, because I know there's a variety of jacks that work a variety of different ways that look extremely similar to this one. Not to mention, the schematic makes it look like there should be 3 terminals when there's very obviously 6... I'm the first to admit that I'm not great with this stuff.




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Looks like you want a 6 lug mono socket to me. Wouldn't know about part numbers but any replacement socket fitting that description will work just fine. I replaced all of the jack sockets on my old Selmer, no chance of getting exactly the same parts given the age of the amp but the modern replacements worked a treat.

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