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VOX vs Orange

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I just came up on a VOX ac50 2x12" combo and its obviously a great amp but still leaves something to be desired (for me). I also have an Orange AD30 which I absolutely love, I guess I thought the VOX would have better brights but it's almost too bright and clean adn the gain is almost to driven-I read reviews and people said the amp works great with pedals but I woudl have to disagree. I plan on spending some more time with teh VOX before I put it back on CL but wanted to see how others think VOX and Orange compare to eachother (hopefully this doesnt digress into a VOX vs Orange debate)...also, if your'e near Santa Barbara, CA and want a practically new VOX AC50 with upgradeed tubes let me know:)

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I have only ever used the AC30cc1, It was... ok i ran it in stereo with a blackstar HT20. I always found that it had projection issues I am sure that this would be less of a problem with the AC50 but it's still something to think about (nothing beats a 4x12). as for tone I found it was far too bright with not enough bass response. I love orange amps I find they take pedals just as well as the vox but with more versatility. they are both great amps but i would take the orange every time, if i wanted a bright loud clean amp i would get a fender Vibroluxe or a twin reverb over a vox. What kind of music do you play? do you need a solid distortion tone (orange) or do you need a great clean sound (vox).

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