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body arrived : )


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After almost being a month at customs my Alder Mustang body (from TK custom etc.)

finally arrived...

The forearm contour is slightly softer and wider then my 69RI but feels great.

And is kinda lightweight (1,5kg = 3,3 pound)



WD pickguard seems to fit so the next thing is to find some time to put some grainfiller on it

(although it's already very smooth)

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Did a layer of grainfiller, followed by some sanding with 320...(no pics)

Now it has 3 layers of primer.

(had a little runner after the second layer so sanded the hole body with 400grit

before spraying the third layer


Gonna add 2 or 3 more layers of primer and then the Sonic Blue is going on...

Or another color: I'm recently thinking of something greenish (will go well with the red tort)

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Ok, she's done : )

Love the color (but maybe going for a mint or parchement pickguard)

She has some flaws and stuff but hey,...it was my first time.

On the other hand, she plays like a dream and looks like I hoped she would...

Have some quick pics, some with the hotrail and some with a JBjr

(had a bad connection on one of the switches so switched 'm up while she was open..)

Thanks again to everyone for the good help and advices : )



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Thanks Alex,

I kinda like the Dragonfire Hotrails in there for looks (kinda more odd looking).

Soundwise there equal but the Dragonfire is a little more agressive/sharper sounding (not in a annoying way though).

I like them both but the JBjr is in it now for a few days and then I'm gonna change it back to the rails in the weekend.

But first I'm gonna check the sound with a 0.22 Orange drop instead of the 0.47 that's in it now.

It has plenty of growl but I seek a lil' more gnarl :)

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I am thinking of putting a mini super distortion pickup in my Comp Mustang and changing pots to 1meg. My Kurt Jazzmaster project sounds great with the full size super distortion and one meg pots so I think that helps get that tone I really like. I enjoyed the JB jr I had in a guitar, but it was kind of bassy for my tastes. It could have been better if I had upped the pot values but I didn't know about that stuff at the time.

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I might try a change of the volume pot to 500

but not more 'cause I'm pretty close to the exact sound I seek.

1meg will be too much for me but I bet it can please you :wink:

P.S.: what kinda pot should I take to fit them Japanese Stang knobs.

Will both fit: the "lin" (linear) an the other "log" (logarithmic) ?

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