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Advice for a Stratocaster

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I have a 1996 Fender "Black Label" MIM Stratocaster. After lovingly playing it for the past two years I've decided it might be time for an upgrade as the strings after two or three songs tend to loosen a hair below the correct tuning for each string. I was wondering what everyones thoughts might be on good upgrades from the stock tuners. I mainly play blues rock for all intents and purposes and my major influences are hendrix, frusciante, clapton, zappa, young, and cobain. Hopefully you guys will have better insight then me on what are some great tuners!

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It depends on what you're looking for. You could use string-thru ones which are usually standard ones by grover, gotoh, or vintage style which i like. Locking tuners are another option that are pretty good. I have a set of right handed planet waves locking tuners with auto trimmers that i can't use as they are the wrong way, but i did like them.

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