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New Fender Pawn Shop Offset Special


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i like it a lot. but, like wiseman, cant afford it. but i cant afford more than one pair of footwear at a time, so all guitars are out of my price range, including one of my own, which needs a new nut.

the new jaguarillo is pretty cool too, but its a terrible name. really terrible actually. still, at least fender bother to name their guitars, unlike some companies who use a string of numbers n letters to identify a guitar.

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The Offset Special looks too Strat-like for me...long horns on any guitar put me off. Now that Jaguarillo I like a lot.

But the name?

What were they thinkin...this might be a hospitable nod to the Hispanic market? :(

Sounds like Jaguar Dildo. :o Or Jag Armadillo. :-wow At least they don't have Jaguarillo on the headstock...


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And just saw this: http://www.fender.com/products/pawnshop/models.php?prodNo=0143502

Includes a strategic "challenge your fingers stretch" feature that makes it more difficult to play frets up near the body. Of course this is really a wink to advanced experts who like to use a hand-over-the-top-of-the-neck technique to wow an audience.

Actually, Fender could have charged more for this option.


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