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Jagmaster moddin'

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I have one of the newer and not vista jagmasters, and i have two questions about the mods I'm gonna be doing (probably another one too).

1.) Which jazzmaster pups do you guys think sound more like a J mascis kind of tone? I really like that sound.

2.) Does any normal 25.5" Jazzmaster neck fit on to the jagmasters that aren't Vistas? And where could i go to get a reasonably priced jazzmaster neck?

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But the CIC jagmaster I have, would any 25.5" jazzmaster neck fit on there? Anyone know?

I'm not sure if the Jazzmaster neck would FIT in the neck pocket. I do know that even if it fits, you will have severe intonation problems and the works of that due to your Jagmaster being a 24" scale and a Jazzmaster being a 25.5" scale. I suppose it could be accomplished by moving the bridge and such to accommodate the 25.5" scale, but I'd imagine you'd be filling in the old bridge holes and everything and it would end up being a giant pain in the ass.

My recommendation would be to sell or trade your Jagmaster and try to pick up on of these...

Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster - $399.99

You may still be wanting to change the pickups in this, although this does get very good reviews saying it's a terrific guitar.

I know this is not an easy suggestion to accomplish and you may like your Jagmaster to the point of not willing to part with it.

It is just the route I would go if you were after a Jazzmaster neck and the J Mascis sound. Hope it helps a bit, and hopefully some other

people can chip in even more about different routes you could take.

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I think this a "conversion neck" though, I don't know what's up with that, I heard that a 25.5" neck will fit right in, have you heard anything about that? P.S Wipers are great

Hey man, I totally agree that the Wipers #### rock haha. Yes, I have heard about the Jagmaster being a conversion neck. Unfortunately, I am not 100% positive on this either as there is a lot of conjecture flying around the web of different opinions on this.

Here is a website saying this is entirely not true, but they are referring to using the Jagmaster neck on a Strat body.


But here is an article on this website where someone mentions doing what you want to, putting a full-scale neck on your Jagmaster.


If you scroll down a bit, you see Fran has owned a Jagmaster that he put a full-scale Strat style neck on. As far as using a full-scale Jazzmaster neck on it, I am not 100% certain it will or will not work. Hopefully this will bump the thread and someone else can give you a confident go ahead on the project.

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Well J plays mostly vintage JMs, so some Duncan Antiquities would be a great option, and AVRI pickups are also a good one.

As for the neck fitting, the current Jagmasters are conversion necks like someone has said, but the body itself is made for a 25.5 inch neck which means that any strat style neck will fit right on there no problem. There are a lot of options for replacement necks, Allparts and Warmoth being two of the most popular. Another, and possibly the cheapest, option would be a squier strat neck from ebay. Many sellers part out guitars and I bet you could score one from a bullet strat very cheaply.

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