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New Jag-Stang! Kurdts original design

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Jag-Stang 2.0 by punkacc9, on Flickr

The Jag-Stang 2.0 is here!

It is based off of Kurdts original design with his mustang configuration and a toggle instead of the phase switches like his Jaguar.

UPDATE: The new Kurt Cobain Mustang pickguard and vibrato/bridge edited.


Jag-Stang 2.0 DONE by punkacc9, on Flickr

Not really.. It was fun to photoshop though. I found a warmoth made body on ebay the other day the same as this body and it made me want to build one. So contacted

Tim from TK Customs about making me the body and he can so i photo shopped this out of my Jagblaster design. I'll just be doing a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge

and a Fender Texas special in the neck and a toggle. Standard mustang vibrato and bridge. I may swap it out later for a dynamic bridge. But yeah.. It is simple

and my favorite combination of electronics. I did the same thing with my Musicmaster I just built. I hope to have this turn out like the picture except it will have

a Mustang neck or a Jaguar neck.

My Jagblaster design


JagBlaster 2 by punkacc9, on Flickr

My 1970 Musicmaster I rebuilt with mods next to my Marauder.


Marauder and Musicmaster by punkacc9, on Flickr

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That Marauder is a real sweetheart. I love the Jagblaster design, though the pick up lay out is strange me thinks. Two Jazzy pick ups would be golden, but that Jag pick up gives it some variety.

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