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For all of you/me who love to experiment with strange noise, tunings, musical ideas, post here! Feel free to post all the ways you make good old ugly/ beautiful noise.

One distortion in to another distortion. Light it up and enjoy. :)

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This is a good technique for a sitar sound that i found works almost alot.

1) Tune yr guitar to the most middle eastern notes(harmonic minor) available, or anything else you want, depending on what your gonna play.

2) Get a preferably metal object and slide it in between your 1,2,3,4 or whatever number of pickups you have, i use a thick allen wrench with a large plastic handle(it was something i found in my toolbox), Sliding this in between pickups will bring all of the notes in your tuning up a couple of steps, so prepare.

3) PLAY. depending on a lot of things you will get the nice buzzing sound of a sitar

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