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SO! what have you done to change your gear?

I've changed my trusty Squier Jagmaster (my workhorse, sunburst) to having tele style knobs, had to change all the internal wiring since I somehow managed to snap all of the wires, and replaced the bridge pickup with a Dimarzio Super Distortion (creme) and this has played at every show I've done, including places like Disneyland, The Cavern, the Royal Albert Hall..the list goes on, but even though its honestly abeaten up, cheap P.O.S, I love it to death and the tone from it is KILLER!

I'm also getting my 62 RI Jaguar (CARed) modded a fair bit since my trusty squier is beginning to die after 5 years of hardcore abuse. I picked this up from my favourite store, and some guy bought it for like £800 and had it for A DAY and played it once, decided he didnt like it and traded it back in, so I came down after christmas about 2 years ago and managed to pick it up for about £390 with all the case candy, the film still on, and all the other junk. SCORE!

ANYWAY, thats the story, but now onto the main subject, modding.

I've just recently sent it off for a couple of mods.

- Its getting 250k pots installed (it has 1meg) since I hate the on/off feel it has at the moment with no sweep

-a new pickguard (I believe its gonna be white mother of pearl or something),

-a toggle switch installed (similar to the KC model) since the switches are hard to change at speed,

-and its being routed in the bridge for a Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash humbucker I picked up when visiting family in Canada for $120 since frankly, I hate the single coil in it, yet the neck is perfect to me. Although I may get another Super Distortion since its worked out pretty good for me in my jagmaster.

I'm also contemplating changing the tuning pegs to Grovers and all the chrome hardware to a gold colour (it has gold straplocks and the colours matched pretty good)

I'd also be pretty interested in a red/black burst or something.

I'll put some pictures up when I get it back!

now its your go ;)

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I painted this custom body myself and wired it so that when both pickups are off, it puts them in series. DSC03928 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr I painted this custom body myself. It has 1meg pots

get a photobucket account, upload pictures to that. then copy img code and paste here.

I painted this custom body myself and wired it so that when both pickups are off, it puts them in series.


DSC03928 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

I painted this custom body myself. It has 1meg pots and a toggle.


IMG_1773 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

This was a blacktop that I routed for WRHB's and wired it like a SY guitar pretty much. Only volume. It also has a TOM.


DSC02281 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

I custom routed for the middle pickup ala Robert Smith. I also installed the buzz stop. The upper pots control the middle pickup's volume and tone.


DSC02508 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

This tele was routed by me for the bridge humbucker.


DSC09039 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

This was routed for a bridge humbucker and I had a custom guard made.


DSC00996 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

This one has a hard tail mod, one volume and a blending pot for selecting pickups.


DSC01469 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

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This was a blacktop that I routed for normal Jazzmaster pickups and routed the roller area. I also added a high pass filter to it like a Jaguar, a second pickup tone knob, and a side jack.


DSC01004 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

I added the bigsby to this Jaguar.


DSC09205 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

This one was hard tailed and I routed it for the bridge humbucker and got a custom guard for it.


DSC09314 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

I changed this to have one volume and one tone and put in a kill switch. I also wired it so the mini switch turns the mini humbucker always on so you get seven sound options vs five.


DSC01812 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

I added a classic player collet to this one's trem so the arm screws on like a strat.


DSC04104 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

This one was a blacktop Jazzmaster that I modded a ton. I added a TOM, routed it for humbuckers, filled the toggle area to mount a modified Jaguar plate, added an upper plate and lower custom plate ala Jaguar, had two 1meg volumes and one 1meg master tone, added a bound and dot neck with a custom logo. I also added a strap button on the lower side. Basically I took a blacktop Jazzmaster and made a Cobain Jaguar tribute that is full scale with the modern trem placement. I designed the custom guard design and Pickguardian made it for me.


IMG_1883 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

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and HNB wins the thread...

seriously do you own any guitars that you havent modded :wink::?:

Hmmm... Some I never modded: one strat, one Patriot, one T-26, one old acoustic, one Z79, one SQ series Telecaster, some autographed off brand guitars, two Sheratons, one TC-90, one Jag-Stang, one P Bass, one SDGR, one Yamaha, one Mustang, one Jaguar, and one Agile.

I don't own all of those anymore, but I didn't mod them. :)

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I want to see those mods the OP is working on. Make sure to do build threads and take lots of pictures. It is really fun to watch people build and change their guitars. (Well for me anyways.) :)

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taken a bunch of photos of my jagmaster I modded, but Ive never uploaded a photo on here before haha, so naturally I have no clue..but there's a bunch of them!

lil' help? ;P

for now, heres a video of my Jaguar and my old band at the Cavern. Pretty good sound for the rhythm circuit


You use the little thumbnail when you are going to make a reply or post that looks like a picture. Just paste the link to your photo there and it will do the code for you. To do it manually you do img:)

The link didn't work. :?

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Bought My Jaguar in 2006 for $650 from Guitar Hangar, it had a TOM and Cool Rails. When I got it, I bought some Jaguar pickup covers, cut the tops off flush with the tops of the cool rails, and then put Jaguar claws on the bottom of the pickups. However, the stock screws were not long enough to bring the pickups close enough to the strings, so I got 2 inch and a quarter or so long screws which hold the pickups in place with no foam.

After that was all done, I pulled the TOM out, threw in a pair of Jaguar Thumbles after grinding out the elmers wood filler the previous owner used, and tossed on a stock Jaguar Bridge.

After that, I drilled out the holes for the vibramute, installed that, found I did not like how it made me have to shim the neck and raise the bridge to provide proper clearance ('ve got an idea for recessing hte mute into the guitar that I might try on a custom Jag sometime later on though), so I took it back off. Then I worked toward making the stock Jag bridge more stable - so I put in oversized action screws on each saddle, and two long and thick springs on the high and low E string saddles to block the others in. After that I went through many types of knob before settling on Witch Hats for their 70's vibe. That last move was 2008, since then, this Jag has been one of my main "go-to" guitars.

The more well known one is my Jag-Stang. I bought it in the fall of 1999 for a bargain with Hard Shell case, it had the EMG's already installed (with electrical tape :facepalm ). When I got it home, I cleaned up the wiring considerably. Since then it's been on an evolution to be the most stable and roadworthy axe in my collection.

The mods include - the preexisting EMG SA in the neck, EMG 81 in the bridge, bridge pickup pickup switch set to be a pickup selector, and the neck switch is neck-pickup-off/normal/out-of-phase via a modified EMG Pi2 Phase inverter. The pots are 25K switchcraft, and the Jack is a Switchcraft switching jack. The tone pot had it's resistive track cut after 95% all the way up so I had a "no load" tone control so I get more highs back with it full out (like I have no tone control). The vibrato unit has been exchanged with the one from my 66' Fender Mustang because I found out the Vintage Dynamic Vibrato is a stronger, better unit than the Japanese ones, and it has a full "dive bomb" range on it, which is what htis guitar is used for. This is my main. The battery is hidden in the volume/tone control cavity and fits perfectly, there is no "mutilation" to the body here at all. It's had black dome, chrome dome, stock Jag-Stang, vintage Jaguar, and now black Witch Hat knobs in it's lifetime.

My Jazzmaster is home-built, there's a thread here on it. It's only mildly different from a stock jazzmaster due to the non-bound block marker 22 fret strat neck, non-trem-lock vibrato, black pickguard, semi-natural wood-sheen finish, and overwound Jazzmaster pickups.

My Mustang has my Jag-Stang's old Vibrato, which is perfect for it because some of the brassier parts warmed up the sound quite a bit. Other than that, it's a stock 60's Mustang.

And my Jagmaster, I modded the hell out of that thing. I was conned into buying it by Kennally Keys in Everett after they ordered one against my wishes when the one I wanted sold (it actually stayed in tune). This one was promptly "Cobain-ified" with a set of black pickup trim rings for awhile, then I pulled the original white volume and tone knobs for chrome dome knobs, and then black witch hats.

Later on I was rebuilding my warlock, so I pulled out the pickups, put those in the Warlock, put on a Warmoth 22 fret 25.5" scale neck with Schaller tuners and locking nut after botching up the locking nut shelf on the original neck, and a Floyd Rose II locking trem from an old Kramer guitar. The pickups were swapped out with a DiMarzio Super II from the late 70's in the neck, and a Peavey Falcon humbucker in the bridge. The guitar now sits in my livingroom equipped with a replacement aftermarket Floyd I installed this spring as the Floyd II was having some issues. My fiancee has special feelings towards it as it was the first guitar I left at her house before we moved in together.

Currently I'm looking to get back into getting that 71' Musicmaster running. I'm making a Nirvana-like axe out of it with a Mini Jb Jr. hidden in a Mustang pickup cover at the bridge and a stock Mustang pickup at the neck.

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My Squier Jagmaster. This thing has withstood years of hardcore abuse, isnt ever cleaned (i think its lucky, but whatever haha) and has played with me in the Albert Hall, the Cavern, Disneyland aswell as places around the UK including venues like the Victoria Hall in Stoke (where Slash filmed his dvd a couple of weeks later)

This is pretty much my workhorse, but its had to be used less since the low quality parts are starting to deteriorate because of all the use.

It has a SuperDistortion in the bridge, chrome dome knobs and partially rebuilt circuitry and a little 3d sticker from a fender cable on the headstock (and my initials burned into the finish)

There are LOADS of dings and scratches since I dont baby it, and once it was starting to look worse for wear I started to purposefully ding it at every notable venue its played at (I may write the initials on the wood too) So it definitaly tells the story of my musical life so far

Heres a few photos :)







This is how much the neck is worn. The yellow-ness as come away completely


There's a lot more dings than I could show. But Id be most heartbroken if this got stolen from me.

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I thought I may relic it a little bit...

I've not done an awful lot because It'll happen naturally over time, but I think it looks pretty cool. A much under rated guitar, plays good(when set up after purchase), sounds awesome. Definitaly reccomend it.

I did this
and this
this happened naturally

so yeah, these guitars are VERY under rated. A definite buy if you want something you dont have to worry about throwing around. Could easily use this without a backup. This guitar is by no means the best, but I guess you've just gotta learn how to handle the problems. Love it!

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