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I'm "A-gassin" for a vintage one pickup guitar shaped like a mustang (that would be a bronco). But Broncos these days are not a cool amount of money, and i like to build things much more than just buying them, especially with guitars :cool: So would a mustang body with a pickguard fitted for just the one bridge pup (an awesome bridge pup that would have to be), work out all right?

What would be the most bitchin' single coil pickup for a guitar like this

Next time I raise some funds i plan to do this.

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Also, what are some unnecessary switches that could be on there. Nothing better than some good old useless switches.

"Schem"? Man, that's clown barf.

Just mount a bunch of switches, mate. Don't route to wire them up. Then play for your pals, yell, "Listen to this awesome tone!", flip the switches...

...and hear them go, "That's bitchin cool!!" :razz:


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