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60's Survivor Jag

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Hi, I have followed the site for a while and now I'd like to see what others think of my Jag. It was bought from an estate sale, I feel it's from the 60's and has a fair amount of modification mainly guard, knobs and upper switch. I toyed with the idea of making it more authentic but I now like the look, and the upper switch is so much easier to use.

Any comments?


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I like it, it has a very practical almost customized, to be functional, look and feel.

Price...well it was expensive for me, just over US$1500., but ... what the hell..it is not in stock condition, but it works for me. I was told it was owned by a part-time musician from the midwest USA. Told it was from the sixties

I will take some more photos and post over this weekend, maybe someone can help on it's vintage?

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You can check the bottom of the pots. They are dated. You can check the neck for a date stamp. You can check under the pickups to see if the date is written in there.

The TOM bridge is not stock if it is old. The pickguard is modded and the knobs are not stock of course. Bottom of the pickups sometimes had the date written on them too. Also use the serial number. It should be on the neck plate.

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