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well, I was flicking through some new pages of the Fender website and came across these, Squier JAGUARS


there is also a Mustang that Squier are making too.

As the owner of a Fender Jaguar (MIM) I've been thinking, what lies for the future of Jaguars?

there doesnt seem to be much difference between lower end ones and the Squiers, lets face it, all the key features that people buy Jags for are there, so is it only a matter of time until Japs and Mexi's are phased out altogether?

I'm not sure I like the idea of jaguars and mustangs being made by Squier. I think they'll be more expensive than they're worth, but then again, I may want one because they were originally supposed to be 'student' models and its obvious theyre returning to that. Yet at the same time, I wouldnt because of the association with 'Squier' and 'P.O.S guitars' (except from maybe the jagmaster, which is built like a brick wall)

Im thinking maybe a CAR one as a backup for my CAR Fender. May even pick up a mustang if it seems worth it.

I'm split down the middle...whats your take?

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Honestly, the Squiers are a dream come true for me. The classic Jaguar is my #1 guitar in off-the-rack condition. And close for the Mustang and Jazzmaster. Now I could actually afford to own more than one Jaguar, and not risk going overdraft buying it.{

The Jaguar's story has been an interesting one though. All the "classic rock" guitars (Tele, Strat, SG, Les Paul...etc) all have some famous names anchored to them - quite a few to be honest, while the Jaguar only really has Kurt Cobain as an "inconic" player, and his was not even close to stock.

Maybe Youtube has some to do with this, Fender has a channel, I"m sure they have some people who look for youtubes of people playing their guitars. Around the time I started doing youtubes of my Jag there were not many on there, and now there's a ton of videos by all schools of player playing Jaguars for everything from Jazz, to surf, to full blown Metal. It used to be the Jaguar was this "one-trick-pony" instrument that was only good for plinky surf music and died out with Don Ho and surfboards. Now it seems to hold it's own and has found it's own voice in places most people would last expect to see a Jaguar.

Some of the difference I also attribute to the music industry, way back when, us guitarists found "famous" guitar heroes to look up to, whoever was doing the flashiest, edgiest, or coolest #### around, and then their guitars became coveted items. Now who's really a huge guitar hero within the last 10 years? And to add to it, people tend to listen to music because they like it, not because it benefits them in some way, which I think is a good thing. If it were the late sixties and Jimi shouldered, lit on fire, and smashed Jaguars, we'd probably already seen them candy striped and Floyd Rosed by now after EVH would do so in the 70's and 80's, or at least see Yngwie with a Jag.

I dunno, maybe the Jag is destined to become more and more popular, it has a lot of things that make it more versitile and different from the status quo we've had around for 50 years that was not sitting for $250 in pawn shops through the 70's and 80's.

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I agree with Mike that Jaguars (and Jazzmasters) are growing in fame due to old rock/punk/alternative bands using them (because at the time they were cheap). It is funny that all those young fans are now older and have some cash causing these guitars to go up in value. On the other hand, if they had not gained popularity, they might have been discontinued.

I don't see them going anywhere. It is nice to see them get more like strats and teles in that there are many different versions for different prices now.

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I got l####y with my Jaguar since I scored it for less than half price second hand (well, the guy had it overnight and took it back with film, tags and all still there)

So youre definitaly right about the price aspect for them being used (plus I'd always wanted one since my jagmaster served me well)

It just seems to me that this guitar hasnt really ever been popular except from the late 80's/early 90's because of people like Kurt Cobain and Johnny Marr. Hence why hardly anyone now uses them for the features and instead because of the people using it (which I think is kinda sad since I've played a bunch of US strats and teles, les pauls etc, and non of them stand up to a jaguar in my opinion, even though mine's a mexican)

My general take on Jags (and mustangs too coming to think of it) is that,

1. They have been SEVERELY over priced by Fender jumping on the grunge/punk bandwagon over the last 10-15 years or so, so I'd be interested to see what Squier do with it

2. Hands down they are the most reliable and versatile guitars in existace.

3. Fender aren't pricing there guitars sensibly anymore, so people aren't going to buy them. This may explain the move to Squier.

the things I just dont understand is why the US models are over priced. The mexican models are US parts assembled by mexicans, so whats the difference? US quality isnt particularly good in my opinion, and doesnt justify the cost.

But the point I'm trying to make is that with the Squier production of these guitars (making them affordable student models again) it doesnt seem to me like there is a need for japanese or mexican production of the Fender version anymore. The Jaguar has never been particularly popular in the mainstream

so WHAT on earth justifies the price tag?

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  • All I hope for is that these new Squiers are fairly priced, like the CVs or Standards. Anything more than $300 is excessive in my opinion. If they are priced around or below that, I will surely be getting one as Ive wanted a Jag for a while. Fender Jags are very overpriced even if I find a used one somewhere (which is rare where I live). Squier quality has gone way up in recent years. I have a 2005 Strat that I love as the neck is great and it has a nice weight and feel to it. If these Squiers are built nicely, I think it is a great thing that they are being introduced. Took Squier/Fender long enough to do so! Im excited by these guitars and I wonder when we will be seeing them in shops. Olympic white Jag with turtle shell pickguard has my name all over it!

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I love the idea of Squier Mustangs and Jaguars.

My dad bought me the Classic Player HH Jaguar back in 2008 or something, an $800 price tag I believe, and I imagine that, being 21 now, that will be the last guitar he ever buys for me lol

These lower priced Jaguar, Jazzmaster, and Mustangs are ideal for me. I've always been more inclined to buy Epiphone and Squier guitars because of the lower price. If something is wrong with it, I can always fix it as it comes along, make it a "real" guitar.

Needless to say, I am going to scoop up the Fiesta Red Mustang as soon as I can, maybe paint the headstock to match and put a competition stripe on the body.

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Im kinda split about that statement. The chinese Fenders are pretty high quality, as are top end squiers, theyre around the same level in my books.

Dont be fooled by the price tags or where its made, the chinese have caught up a considerable amount in guitar quality.

And on the plus side, the lower price tag means it doesnt matter if it gets dropped or modified.

I dont have a particularly high value for US fenders. Nothing about them seems to justify the pricetag to me. I'd only ever probably buy a custom shop model. I stick to mexicans, all the parts are made in the US and sent down for assembly, so theyre essentially US models.

The way I see it, Fender will keep going east for the cheaper labour, and as their quality has increased so much, so eventually there will be no need for mexico and japan manufacturing, and theyll only keep the US to justify a high pricetag....but hey, thats my opinion :)

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I mean 'Fender' as in any brand they own, sorry if that wasnt clear haha :)

The Fender Modern Player Jaguar is made in china, and the quality is definitaly there. Its certainitaly a very real possibility.

Although with the wood supplies for guitars expected to run out in the next decade or so if no action is taken, it wont matter anyway xD

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It's cool that Fender are taking note of what people want and doing cheaper versions of the Jaguar...... I work as a guitar teacher so I'll love it if more beginners had more alternative guitars not just the run of the mill black strat!!

But I would also hate it if they did a poor job on these guitar and put people off for life. Oh and I can't believe that are not doing a lefty models in this range. Looks like if you're starting out and you're left handed you'll have a black strat end of!!!!!!

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I'm gonna start teaching soon too as a part time job to pay for stuff. I remember all the people that Ive ever seen (starters) having black strat copies! haha. Hit the nail on the head there!

I think any guitar is only what you make of it. I have a guitar that none of my friends can play comfortably, but I can since I know every little thing about the guitar. Its weird.

They'd better make a good job of these. But if they dont, I have a Jaguar anyway so why does it matter to me? :P may consider one as a backup though or for touring so theres no worry of damaging anything too expensive.

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I'm one of those people who don't really care too much, i mean, my strat has a different profile neck to my jagstang which has a different profile neck to my mustang which is different from my jag. That and the jag has bigger fret wire than all of them, and the strat is a differen't scale than the rest, i just got used to having a big cluster and working with it, but some people think the jagstang or mustang's neck is too thin for them....that whole personal preference....

I think most people get the black strat copy mainly because you can get one for like 80 bucks with an amp so if you don't play it ever again its not a major loss...me personally though, I'd love for them to make these left handed because i'd like to have another mustang around without having to have it imported from japan.

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I personally love Squiers, I bought a Squier Bullet (2008 or so) from a friend for $50 not too long ago. I refinished it, and replaced the pots, cap, jack, and switch. The tone was actually really good and I liked the feel (neck) on that "cheap" guitar more than on my $1000 dollar American Strat. It was more bassy than my USA Strat. Goes to show you need to play around before you spend the big bucks, but then again I've kinda developed a a do-it-yourself mantra with my guitars recently. What I'm getting at is if you're looking for a Mustang, try both the Squier and the USA in store (when it comes out) before you buy.

This Mustang looks really promising, I'm quite excited, when these Squiers come out you can find bodies and necks for cheap on ebay, Mustangs are still pretty expensive on ebay. I'll be checking the used prices of these, even parted out. When I decide to get either a Jazz or Jag I will seriously look at the Squier options as well.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Fender dont make US mustangs, just japs I believe. Shame really, ever other model seems to be available from the US factory...

Played one of the squier jags, the quality was definitaly there and for an awesome price, but something just felt a bit 'off' to me. Do you get what I mean?

If I was a learner then yeah Id probably get one, I dunno really... high doubts about buying one, but it'll make jaguar parts a lot cheaper hopefully :P

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    • By taoubt
      Several years ago I posted about how I was kind of disappointed in my Jag-stang. The output seemed kind of weak, the intonation wasn't great and the wolf tones on the low E string around the 12th fret were horrible. I recently decided to just see what I could do with it. I was nervous to mod it, since I really wanted to keep all the original parts. So, I decided to just do a full swap of the electronics, pickguard included. While it still has some issues that I haven't been able to figure out, swapping out the pickups was by far the best decision I've made in terms of upgrading. The intonation is still a bit rough, but seems better with the right gauge strings. I've tried different strings, but I mostly used to play with the Slinky Hybrid strings and they just don't seem right for this guitar. Now I'm just using a standard set of 10's and it feels much better. I considered a new bridge, but for right now I'm pretty happy with it, so I'll save that for later (if needed).
      For the pickups I decided on a Seymour Duncan JB SH-4 for the bridge position and a custom shop Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates (strat sized) for the neck.
      I went with a tortoise shell pickguard that came with copper shielding. I then shielded the entire cavity with copper tape. I got new 3-way slide switches, new output jack (pure tone multi-contact to keep a tight fit), new push-pull pots and added a metric toggle switch for pickup selection. To add the pickup selector switch, I got a custom control plate with 4 holes; one for the toggle, two for the pots and the last for the output jack.
      The Mustang/Jag-Stang pickup selection method never seemed ideal to me, so that's one of the reasons I added the toggle switch. The bigger reason, though, is that I wanted to use the 3-way slider switches for series/parallel/coil split control for both bridge and neck pickups.
      The push-pull pots add even more versatility with a phase flip for the neck pickup by pulling the volume pot and a master parallel/series control by pulling the tone pot.
      This gives a crazy number of combinations for a wide range of tones. All in all, I believe it's something like 42 options. The bridge pickup is great for heavy stuff in the series humbucker mode. The neck Is a bit boomy and dark in series humbucker mode, so I usually either run it in parallel or split. But my favorite sounds involve both pickups being on in different configurations (coil split/parallel, etc). The master series switch is really only useful in a few cases, in my opinion, like with both pickups in coil split mode. The phase flip offers some really interesting tones, too, and it can really vary based on the selected mode of the pickups.
      The main thing I think I would have done differently if I were to redo this project would be 500K pots, since I just went with 250K ones without really thinking about it. I feel like some combos are a bit too dark and having 500K pots would give more room for that top end to shine. You can always roll it off with the tone knob, but you can't add it in. 😕
      All in all, the build took a little time, because I wanted to tread carefully and make sure the wiring was all going to work properly. I had to sort of piece together bits of schematics from different sites. I also found it a bit difficult to manage the wiring since the Jag-Stang body cavity is so limited on space. I initially wanted to turn the bridge pickup to have it parallel with the strings, rather than angled. But I really didn't want to dig into the body of the guitar. As it is, I have all the original electronics mostly still together on the original pickguard and control plate. I'm pretty happy that the look of the guitar isn't too radically different from the original and I didn't have to modify any original parts.
      If anyone is interested in the schematics, I could probably draw that up. I never put together a full document, as I just worked in pieces, hand-drawing the wiring for sections. Let me know what you think!
      Before                                                                                                                                                 After
      These images were taken many years apart with drastically different lighting. I tried to color correct a bit without going too crazy. I think the "after" image is closer to the true color, but it definitely looks different depending on the light. The warmer the light, the more it brings out the greenish tint in the paint.
      Here are some images before the rewiring process:

      And here are some during the rewiring process:

    • By Jav
      Hi all
      I’d  like to upgrade my Squier Mustang VM to the Fender Dynamic Vibrato unit, but can’t find any at a reasonable price online in the UK. Everything is imports with steep delivery costs, or vintage expensive ones that I’m not particularly interested in.
      Anyone know of where to buy one, or an alternative brand as good as the original Fender?
    • By Mich_pt
      Hey, everyone!
      I'm new to this forum and one of the reasons why I joined in is because I recently traded up a Fender Mustang Player and got an American made that's supposed to be a '75 all original and it does look that way. But I can't seem to find that much info about it with the serial number so I was wondering if any of you could help me gather some bits of info about the specs like neck measurements, the pups it might come with and so on. The serial number is 621987 and it's on the neckplate right above the big "F" logo that I believe is from the CBS era. All I was told is that it's all original and that it was made in 1975 in Fullerton, USA. 
      I would very much appreciate your help and I'm very excited to share this new baby with all of you
    • By ps___093
      I am routing it to fit Humbuckers,  (SH-4 JB Bridge Humbucker & SH-2 Jazz Model Neck Humbucker)
               changing the bridge to a Mustang one, or something better ( happy to hear any recommendations ) 
                I’ll be using CTS 1 MEG pots for volume and tone, as well as the Orange Drop Capacitor .047uf        ( hopefully this will give it a nice bright tone ? )
            will try and make the top switch a Parallel & Series switch, as well as having the coil splits on the bottom switches.. 
               I’d love to hear your opinions on the materials/parts i’m planing on using, and if you have any other suggestions please let me know!

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