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hello gentlemen,

if you find yourself with nothing to do, search 7k guitars on facebook and have a look at the page, the guy is a friend of mine and he makes custom guitars in melbourne, for a good price aswell! when i say custom i mean it, he will do anything, left handed jag-stangs what ever you can think of. at the moment his doing a left handed jaguar for me with humb####ers and a gibson styled headstock and he is doing a fantastic job (he has pics of it on the page), for under $1000 when for a lefty like myself a new one from japan is about $1500, not to mention its being custom built to my liking..... so if you live in melbourne or australia and your in the market for a new guitar and cant find what you want give this guy a buzz and he could make the guitar you've always dreamed of.

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If you have the web link you just put img around it or use the little button when you are going to post that looks like a picture. A pop up window happens that lets you past your link there and click ok. It does the code for you.

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