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My Jaguar Hybrid Build

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I know I've been posting a lot of threads lately, but hey, theres a lot going on :razz:

I figured since my modding is nearly done, and my kc mustang is all parts so Im putting it off until I have the money, I figured Id start my custom build.

this is the wood Im using. I have no idea what it is, other than it is nearly 200 years old and used to be one solid piece (it got halved *sigh*) but its been in my garage for ages and its taking up a lot of room (its 6ft 9 height)


I dont have access to a lot of tools, but theres a luthier down the street who we're good friends with and I got the wood from, so he does it for free :razz:

This is what the two pieces looked like after they were cut out. I decided that since these sides had a few worm holes and knots in, these will go on the inside out of view.


The two nicest sides were sanded (i.e what Im gonna use for the front and back)

The pattern and the grain on this wood is beautiful. It has what I refer to as 'paw prints' on it and (may not be visible in the photo) fades from a beech-y colour to a dark red and out again. It will look darker once the oils are applied to the wood


Its hard to get an accurate picture of the tones since it reflects the light pretty awkwardly and it appears a LOT lighter. But heres another photo of the grain and patterns


Got a few designs ready so I'll put them up soon too :)

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