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Someone help me about getting a Mustang?

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I'm really GASing for a Mustang right now

I've always wanted a mustang ever since I laid eyes on a 69 competition in the Teen Spirit video, I love the way it looks, and one of my favourite musicians used one too, so I really wanted one.

I'm split between getting a KC competition signature simply for the stripe (shame about the non matching headstock though) or just picking up something else instead.

I've never played a mustang, only ever seen one in a store. I own a Jaguar instead and I really like the neck, are they similar?

oh, plus I'm also enquiring about a Custom Shop Mustang of a customised 69 competition and should get a quote around wedesday at the latest.

I'm trying to get the price down a bit since essentially all I want is a different paint job haha. I hope it works.

I asked for a quote on

" a replica of a 1969 Competition Mustang in Lake Placid Blue with matching headstock with just 'Fender' in cream, not 'Fender Mustang' (like lefty models) and with a black hot rail in the bridge and 250k pots, so essentially a standard mustang with vintage replica paint job " - Im thinking of sending them my jaguar neck and having that insteadg

If it doesnt cost too much (it wouldnt make sense if it did just for paint haha) then I'll get one and will officially have the first USA mustang in over 30 years :D win.

HOWEVER, if I decide not to get it, what would you recommend in the way of Mustangs? I like the practicality of the KC's with the low profile switches and humbucker, but struggling to justify the pricetag for essentially a standard mustang with a humbucker.

what would you do? do you think its worth it?

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i'm liking the sound of this

You might be able to find a vintage one for less than a custom shop one. I saw a placid blue us stang with matching headstock for $2000 recently. Depending on what you hear from Fender, you can weigh that option.

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Well, the mustang i have is a japanese 69 reissue from 94-95, and it cost about $900, and after routing the bridge and installing the original humbucker, which cost 80 bucks to route and install, then 70 for the pickup i ended up paying more than the cobain mustang is so really its not a bad deal.

As to the custom shop, they don't have the mustang listed on their quote sheet that came out as of october 2011 so i doubt they'd do it without charging an arm and a leg. The cheapest they have listed on that as well is a 2010 custom deluxe strat or custom deluxe tele which is $3,800. If you were to have it masterbuilt there is also a $2,600 fee, so a master build deluxe tele would cost atleast $6,400 before the paint work, pickups and all that is added to it.

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my thought trail was essentially for them to get a standard mustang and just repaint it. I know that in the past there have been factory refinishes and stuff, and my guess is that custom shop could do that so it'll hold its value better as opposed to me doing it and risk messing it up aswell as destroying any possible resale value.

I missed out on a vintage 69 by 6 hours. I was so gutted, it sold for £750. But the KC ones are at least £780.

I'm not looking for a totally customised unique custom shop thing that costs me my soul, so if it comes back with a huge price then that'd be stupid haha.

I just have the urge to get a new guitar, and I've always wanted a mustang and none of the colours really appeal to me. Any ideas where to find some cool older mustangs? Ebay is kinda dry for the cool stuff without costing a bomb haha

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I don't think the custom shop does orders on having regular mustang refinished, because they don't have them listed on their price lists. Fender USA doesn't make them so i dobut they'd take an order like that. They would have to get it from fender japan which they'd charge you about the 900 that one of those costs, then the cost of the refinishing so either way, you're still looking at more than the cobain mustang is going for. Add to that, the shipping to the UK, it'd cost you quite a bit.

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I asked Fender and they said they do make Mustangs at the Custom Shop, so I guess only time will tell when I get a quote for one :D

The only reason I'm kinda putting off putting the money towards a vintage one is because I'd be scared about taking it on tour or anything (theft/damage etc) but I'd still love one eventually.

I got family in Canada so I guess I could look around a few canadian sites and get it sent to them or something.

Where would you check for vintage stuff? UK Craigslist is totally dead and all the Vintage guitar retailers tend to over price them haha.

Any of you got any vintage stuff?

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my other thought was maybe picking up this,


but I really want the matching headstock so I guess I'd have to buy a mustang neck and refinish it or something since I cant get one anywhere haha. thats gonna be my last resort :P

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I know about the japanese ones, been after one for a while. but the materials werent that good, plus the wrong colour and the wrong decals etc, plus its hard to justify nearly £900 after taxes for something made of basswood and japanese when you could get so much better quality for that price from the US or Mexico. As you can probably gather Im not a fan of japanese fenders haha :P

It'd be a lot more worthwhile to just get a KC and a spare neck to repaint, theyre made a lot better and with better woods. OR alternatively just save the money for now until a vintage one at the right price comes along...that doesnt happen much in england though :(

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The KC ones, are the exact same as the one he posted, theyre japanese made, basically the 69 reissues with the humbucker installed. To me japanese ones are better quality than US or mexican guitars. they havent been made of basswood for awhile, since around 2002 atleast they've switched to alder. Fender doesn't do the cream decals either. even if you had an original comp mustang with one, and needed a new decal because the old one got messed up, they'd give you one of the new reissue ones. But the KC ones are made with the exact same woods as the regular 69 reissues.

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oh really?

either way, theres not an awful lot of selection about mustangs here without either being overpriced or having to shed out loads of money for import taxes, I think I'm just gonna keep the money and see if a vintage one comes along. there has gotta be some out there right? haha.

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first time I saw a mustang in person it was a 65 ri in red and was the only guitar in a glass case and it was all shiny and stuff, that was the first time I knew i NEEDED a mustang haha, the only other Ive seen was a sonic blue KC on a hangar up on a wall, but it was locked so I couldnt play it and they couldnt get it down. These events were 6 years apart haha.

are they comparable to other guitars or unique? playability that is

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Depends on what you're comparing it to. Its alot lighter than the KC jag, has closer to a classic strat style shape yet its offset so its unique. The neck is very comfortable and to me its very playable. Most people say the switches get in the way but honestly i've never had any issues with them.

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I got a feeling that this saving for a vintage thing isnt gonna happen, I dont think GAS would allow it haha :D

Theyve always appealed to me for some reason, like my jaguar, something about them just screams 'you NEED me'

anyone else get that feeling of impulse to buy a guitar?

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I don't know if someone already suggested it to you, but I believe TKCustomGuitars makes Mustang bodies to USA specs. I know they make Jag-Stang bodies with the belly contour. Here, you can eyeball them and tell me. The main reason I'm telling you is because they have a large variety of wood choices including genuine mahogany, which would be cool. But naturally they have alder and poplar so...


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      mustang sliding switches
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