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*Sigh* Another problem.

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Ok recently my guitar is going out of tune on the G,B and E strings after pretty much any bend. It's really bugging me, as I finally have everything else on the guitar how I like it. I don't know why it could be...my string winding is fine, each string is wrapped around about 4-5 times and the nut is lubricated, and the neck isn't warped or anything. The only thing I can think of causing this would be the fact I switched to 12's the other day, but even the thick elevens I used before had the problem. If you really need them I can take some pictures if it helps again. Thanks again:


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If youve done all the things you said (by the way wrapping the strings 4-5 times is a bit excessive, 2-3 is plenty) and the obvious like 'stretching-in' new strings then the only thing i can think of is what superfuzz suggested or maybe the bridge moving or possibly the grub screws in the saddles working themselves loose. If that happens the saddle will lower making the tuning go flat. *keep an eye on them*.

We know the bridge sometimes moves with the trem in use sending the tuning slightly flat or sharp.

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Hm...it cant be the bridge as I have a mustang one...do you think it could be the strings binding on the nut? I'll take pics soon and get them up.
Well...i'm pretty sure the grooves on the stock nut are'nt wide enough for 12's so lubrication or not the strings will bind. I could be wrong though and without actually looking at the nut i would'nt like to say.

I dont want to advise you to do any modification so the best thing you can do is take it to a tech imo. I'm sure they wont charge you much for filing the grooves on the nut.

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The grooves on G, B, E dont look like they would bind the strings but you have definitely got too much winding on the tuners imo. Them saddles dont look too clever, saying that i use a stock bridge and maybe someone else with more knowledge on mustang saddles can shine some light on that one.



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hmmm....if your prepared to take the plunge and pay for a new nut to be fitted if you make a mess off it then yes.

If you use one of the wound strings held taught and use it as a file (steady filing motion) that will probably widen the desired slots. Be carefull to gauge it right though ie. DONT use the wound E string to widen the top E slot :shock: and DONT go too deep, its more about the width of the slot not the depth.

*I hold no responsibility for your actions/mistakes*

Good luck.

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I cut the nut on my bass' D string a little too much, try putting a tiny bit of paper in the slot. It's a half-decent quick fix if you need to play a show or whatever.

Re: slipping out of tune, really stretch the strings in, pull em away from the neck at the 12th fret, and retune. It can take days for strings to settle sometimes.

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Yeah, it's particulary the B and E strings that go out, could you go into more detail about how to wind the high e? And thanks for the help everyone.

Cool, we both have the same problem but that sucks.

Our kluson tuners aren't catching the strings well enough.

Well..this is what I have done.

-Do not cut either of the strings, you'll need the length. (The highest string I cut is g and I'll only trim it)

-Pretty much did an 8 (I said Z but..) around the two forked prongs of the kluson peg. Make sure you turn and bend the string the correct way for winding.

Well, to tell you the truth answer this what size strings you use and what brand. Also, what bridge is in what guitar a jazzmaster or a jaguar?

I'm sure if I used bigger strings this wouldn't happen ehh....(.046-.010 a'addarios)

I'm asume a jazzmaster. As do I.

I use a TOM bridge(yes even tho its an american reissue)

I've compared bridge heights too. Same, but does bridge angle/sharpness effect the tuners hold on a string? probly...

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